March 14, 2008

Corruption and me...?

The world really would have been a better place to live in had there been lees of greediness and corruption in this world. As people get richer, no barrier is too big a hurdle for them. With money in their hands, bribing people to move to their fantasies is now not uncommon. Uncommonness to sincerity and honesty is fast growing with more and more people resorting to a hazardous but an easier way out, through corruption.

As I sit back at the close of my examinations, I count all the blessings of God through the way in which he helped me thus far in my exams. But when I look back at those days, I see a dark fringe that really mars the whole examination system that I am soon going to leave behind.

Examinations were never so easy for students this year, like any other year as I suppose. Even if you didn't know half your portion well and you barely have any time left, don't worry, there's always a third way out. But be sure to keep along with you a few hundred bucks in hand, and whoa, life becomes simple. You might be in the merit list too, who knows?

Corruption has so mightily swept the examination system that I guess it will never recover again. I remember the incidents that took place during my practical exams. There would be an external examiner who would come for supervision along with the other professors in our college. It wouldn't be even for half an hour that you would find her doing her job. The other professors would take her out for some 'tea and snacks' and return late. During that span of time, peons and teachers would usher in answers and help to all in need. Some students would even pay 'tips' for the same. Well you would counter-argue by saying that they would obviously help the students from their college only practical exams!!!

If that wasn't enough corruption, the decline of the examination system carried on to the main papers. In some colleges, before the examination would begin, peons would leak out the question papers. In other colleges, examiners would read out the answers to the students and help them out in their paper. In other classes copying wasn't a big deal with the professor most of the time outside the classroom or sleeping, yea sleeping!! Others would allow them to copy instructing them to study better next time and come prepared for the time??....well that is possible only if he fails!

Well if you think I am bluffing, I don't know how to bluff. The stuff is so true and scary, that it really leaves you baffles at times. In a world ruled by competition, every single mark counts. That which separates a good student from a weak one a couple of years ago would have been these marks. But not so now. It really acts detrimental to those students who really works hard. They get left behind with other corrupt people getting a better piece of the cake with no effort.

But what is my stand as a child of God? Do I follow the footsteps of the world? You would probably say no, and to say that is easy. But when I look back at those exams, sometimes I would really thank God for his grace that was sufficient for me. With everyone walking the wrong way, the wrong way soon becomes the right way though it is actually still wrong. Sometimes I would so eagerly long for just a small tiny bite of the cake...and the temptation gets more stronger when you are in a fix not knowing the answer to the question. As corruption sweeps into the world and carries away people with it as the chaff that is blown away by the wind, I as a child of God will not walk in the counsel of the ungodly.

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