February 19, 2009

Does God Still Exist?


Is this another religion freaking talk? Is this another religious enthusiast talking about God? Or is this the new generation talking about “Who cares a damn about God?”

Look at the world today and what do you and I represent in this world? A new generation, a new era, a revolution – that’s what we represent in our society. But look at our society; it’s come from a tradition and a religious background dating back to hundreds of years. How could they live under the misery of religion and tradition for these so many years?

Here are we, the new generation. It is we who create our world, carve new laws and live the lifestyles we choose. Science has far advanced in itself that we can paint every imagination in our minds into art so beautiful and complete. We indeed can look at these arts, the canvas of science, the luxuries we enjoy, the world that we own and sit back and enjoy.

Does God still exist? But hey, why do I need him? We have science at our disposal. We have conquered the moon, and now march ahead to mars. Science has equipped the nation with the best of weapons. It has created wings for man and given us fins to explore hidden depths. It has searched deep through the biology of nature and animals, penning down volumes of researches. It has provided a cure to most of the diseases. And well, it has satisfied our daily necessities and enhanced our living. Do we need God when we have science?

And why do we need God? All that he wants is our money, resources and time. His religious institutions take from us money and wealth all in the name of God. And what does he give in return? Nothing! If he ever gave anything, it was terrorism, corruption, violence, hatred. In the name of God, people go around killing hundreds of people, threatening people, assaulting people. Is this the God I’m looking at? If so, why do I need him? I would rather believe that he doesn’t exist. I still can survive without him.

And should God exist, would he bear the sight of this wicked world? Everyday witnesses so much violence, so many deaths, and so much pain. If he was a righteous God, wouldn’t he judge the wicked? But here is the world suffering under the clutches of terrorism, violence, rape, murder, hatred, robbery, racism, corruption, and so many other wicked things. What more? Here is a world being judged by natural calamities. A world where the sufferings people face never seem to end. Even the ray of happiness is stopped by some kind of pain. Would a loving God, a caring God, a just God, allow all these things to happen and that too to his creation, if it ever was his? Does God really exist?

What about rebirth, heaven, hell…??? Anyways if God doesn’t exist, why worry about these? On the other hand, they are all just another myth. Science proves through evolution that we are all from monkeys and going back to the dust once we breathe our last breath. And who knows about the authenticity of their scriptures. Some people would have come out with their own ideologies and myths. And others would have added their own stories into it claiming themselves to be gods. So why ever believe in all this crap?

Look at the world without religion and God. People are today bound by the laws of their religion. But without it, it would mean freedom. It would help people to express themselves much better, explore places unreached before. It would help bring education and enlargement to the doorsteps of every individual. He would no longer have to waste his time, money and resources for someone called God. Apart from an individual in himself, look at the country as a whole. A place where there is a united democracy. There wouldn’t be hundreds of political parties running around in competition for power. The law would be better written down. Maybe those will be the days when abortion will be legalized, gay marriages will be celebrated and so many other amendments will be made to the Constitution. Development in areas earlier prohibited by religious institutions will be ushered in. Maybe, that day, the world will be united together and it will admire a person as her leader. Wow, that will indeed be a great day!

Who needs God? The world would be a much better place only if God didn’t exist for people… Does God still exist? Now that’s an easy answer!

- (Part 1 of ‘Does God still exist’)


  1. God exists !

    You silly man how much do you know. You don't even know who you are. How dare you ask Does God exist? Your thoughts fill bytes. Thats all.

    Don't think too much. All you have to do is be still and know He is God. It means just shut up. Then you will know.

    God's representative

  2. hey nice to know that you support that God exists...

    It's not that I don't support the same, but I wrote this down to prove myself the same.
    To do so, I began writing the few of the hundreds of reasons people could come up with for claiming that God doesn't exist. So that by reasoning and understanding facts, together we can prove that God exists...hope you got me...:)

    That reminds me that I have to post partII of does God still exist.

    Thanks again and keep in touch!


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