July 15, 2010

A fresh feather and ink

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Why? Maybe laziness, lack of time, laptop failure could be some of those valid excuses I could throw out in my defense. But greater, it was a question that kept bothering me - why write? I mean, what’s the point of writing? You spend a lot of time just meticulously phrasing your sentences so that it just gives the right feel to the article and to the readers. But at the end of it there isn’t any much satisfaction with the product.

The last time I wrote something was for Harvest Times (HT). But that was shabbily written. Since then I just kept losing my interest to write. It was a more painful experience trying to write when you knew that there wasn’t anything much up there that you wanted to convey. And what frustrates me are articles (including mine) that just take away precious space, time and effort, all, without conveying anything good. And it seemed like mine were becoming the same. So I stopped writing.

Recently a message kind of shook me up; a message from the parable of the talents mentioned in Matt. 26. What spoke to me was the fact that the talent given to the unfaithful servant was taken away from him and entrusted to the faithful servant. It made more sense to me then to just take a moment and think over this very familiar parable than to think over a brother or sister for whom the parable might be just perfect. It grieved me then to realize that I was not using the gift given to me. Maybe God would have sighed, “What a waste of a gift…”

Well, if I don’t use the gift given to me it might as well be given to someone else who will make better use of it. It became important for me to somehow get my hands back to my pen and paper, scribble a few lines or something. It just made me realize the value of the gift given to me. The church walls seemed no longer fascinating. Caught in my memories, I could hear people who were encouraged by those articles I wrote coming and encouraging me once again. Everything seemed to just connect well. The point - I must get back to writing!

The very fact that I look at writing as a gift given to me, is not a big surprise. I barely could imagine myself writing a few years ago. But I believe today that it is purely a gift from God that has equipped me to write and convey his message through those feeble words.

So here, once again, I'm back to my paper, but with a fresh feather and ink. With a renewed purpose to communicate what God has taught me. It's my prayer that God blesses this gift richly in the days ahead.


  1. I think you are thinking too much. Writing is a medium and not exactly the most flambuoyant one at that.. But the same way books and novels never get out of vogue.. so writing will stay and as with the Bible .. the power and charisma of written communication is more lasting than visual imagery..

    Keep it going.. am a fan.

  2. thank you. I have to get back to writing on my blog. I write frequently. But it's been almost 3-4 months since I posted on my blog.
    Just waiting for exams to get over. Then i'll...

    Cya. Keep in touch


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