January 18, 2008

With the T.T.E.

What is it that makes me look so suspicious or what is it in me that people always have a third eye constantly watching over me?

Christmas was never more exciting than last year. I was traveling down from my classes back home. i got down from the train at my destination along with my friend and walked to the over head bridge. On the way the T.T.E. requested us to show him our tickets. My heart skipped a beat. It had completely run out of my mind that my train pass had expired that day and I had to renew it before traveling. Well, I got completely freaked out and sowed him my expired pass and he caught me!
crunch....crunch...popcorn pls....
err....sorry...pls continue...

I tried giving him hundreds of reasons fo forgetting to renew my pass but he wouldn't bulge though if I was a female, I would have been let go without burning a hole in my pocket. He took me to his cabin as my friend accompanied me along. (I think he might have got disgusted with himself for having a friend like me!) We tried convincing the T.T.E. out there too. In that cabin I saw a couple of people standing there who also were accused of traveling ticketless. At that moment, ran through my head, dozens of thoughts of what my condition would be after sometime. The T.T.E. penalized me for traveling ticketless with a penalty of Rs.250. As for me, I carried only money sufficient for travel and to have so much money was something that took place once in a blue moon. Why did the T.T.E. have to catch only me? What was in me that made me look like a violator of the law?? Luckily that day my friend had cash and so he payed the penalty for me. I owe it to him for myself not being in greater trouble than what I had already been in.

It seems to me that history will never leave teaching me that traveling ticketless will always be penalized. The last time I traveled ticketless was in my school days and no prize for guessing if I was caught or not...

I had apparently lost my bus pass. So I had an FIR launched which gave me the privilege to gain a duplicate of the original. It should have been obvious to me that I would have to but tickets till the day I got my duplicate pass. But I decided to travel with an excuse of having my pass lost. And what a coincidence the T.T.E. had to catch me that day. It tried to convince him that I had lost my pass and had applied for a duplicate one. But he asked for a proof. But I told him that I that I had left the FIR sheet home. It seemed to him a completely cooked up story and won't it? He charged me with a fine of Rs.13. It was shameful on my part of not even having that much cash in hand but had to ask my friend who I met in that same bus accidentally. Poor fellow, he had to shell out his savings for snacks too.

Doesn't the proverb, "A friend in need is a friend indeed" always come true for me and hope it will ever be true.

You can never escape the arms of the law and that's not a joke at least for me. Only time will tell if another
T.T.E. will catch me for violating the law due to my 'uncool' ideas. And maybe I'll look less suspicious in future. Maybe......don't laugh...I am in grief...sob,sob...

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  1. For we know that all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

    Texas Ron Linebarger


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