January 05, 2008

Doing things God's way

I remember the time in Sunday school, last year, when we as the youth of the assembly had to present something for our Annual Sunday School Anniversary program. Three of us, fascinated by a song, decided all in the last moment the day before the program, to sing it. We got someone well trained in guitar to play for us the song. The next day we sang it. But to our disappointment, one of the three microphones weren't working, the other a too soft and the third too loud. Instead of it sounding melodious it sounded all noise and confusion.

Recently, on December 31st for our thanksgiving meeting in church, we as a youth group decided to present three songs along with a short message attached with each song. We worked hard towards it and practiced regularly. Before we could present it, we first began with a prayer as a group together. That was a real encouragement to each one of us to sing to the glory of God rather than to shell out our talents. The singing went on perfectly well and the crowd was really touched by those songs and the messages. To my surprise, people who we expected to say that our singing was bad, too complemented us. It was encouraging and I thanked God then.

It is in through such situations in life, God wanted me to learn to depend on him for everything. Even though the task be small, he expects us to put in our efforts to the fullest and leave the rest to him depending on him to help us out in our work.
In the first incident that I mentioned to you, I really find it hard to say to myself that it was the lack of dependency on God that brought out such a bad result, though I would strongly feel that we put in our best efforts and talents and it was the microphones that weren't working well. To accept the failures in life is a huge step that one needs to take. That is why it took me a lot of courage and also realization of how God wants things to be done, for me to write this article. While in the second incident, I really felt that it was God working through us than our talents in music. When we depended on God, he did what he had to do the best.

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