January 06, 2009


During the testimony time in church, one of my friends while sharing his testimony, exclaimed, “Only I and God know how we passed the exam!” Wow! Now that’s indeed a close relationship with God! Hey, it’s like as if he and God were walking through the same path of difficulty all along.

Maybe writing an exam is a struggle. But did you know that you are not writing that exam alone. God is there with you. God wants you to know that he has answers to your problems. He is that special friend who helps you copy when you are stuck in a problem. Not through unlawful means, but through divine help.

And hey, your struggles are not your own. Its God’s too! Your success is a time for celebration for him. And your failures do bring sadness and grief to his heart. God knows your struggle equally well as you do and better! He is the one who knows how well you have prepared for your exam, how well you’ve attempted the paper. You are completely open before him though you try hiding the results from others.

But be encouraged by the fact that he’s with you! Though you are open before him, he is not there to condemn you, but to help you. You never would have to walk alone, because through every step you take, he is ALWAYS there with you! His promise “I will never leave you nor forsake you” is unchanging and steadfast!

Experience that relationship between God and yourself. Reach the heights of his love, grasp the wideness of his ever-present presence, dig deep the depths of his wisdom, live by the strength of his power, experience the closeness of his friendship! I assure you, it is BREATHTAKING! If THIS IS OUR GOD, why do we need anyone else!


  1. Hey ! Just saw you blog while searching on thoughts ! interesting one. Hope you are not an another christian ?........It is an interesting way to interpret
    “Only I and God know how we passed the exam!”....

    Who knows all that person meant was "God alone knows what happened !!! ....those copying ...cheating ...etc... That's what every one says when they do something wrong to get thro.... Your thoughts way off reality ! I thought it was bit stretched of track . Unfortunately you dont live in a world outside the "Church"

    Sorry I don't mean any offense but I am really sick of hearing these Christian stuff ....testimonies...etc.

    Just another thought.

    Why do Christians fool around and don't study and expect their God to come to rescue?

    Does it make a great testimony ? ......may be a great thought !

    Cheers !

    Another Thought (AT)

  2. maybe you are right in one way by saying that sometimes we don't do the extra efforts needed in faring well in an exam....I agree with that. God too doesn't like it.

    Also you are right by saying, that sharing ur testimony on how God helped u thru ur exams isn't really cool, soemthing not real...but stuff that "church" people always whine about.
    But why couldn't that be something thing to thanks God about?

    And why thank God, when the testimony cud have all those copying, cheating, etc hidden deep down within it???...And did I interpret it so conveniently like a normal Christian stuck in the "church"???

    Maybe indeed he copied, or cheated...who knows but God. So why do I have to judge another person to find out his mistake? That's not my job, but God's!!! What God told me taught me thru that testimony was what I wrote down.

    Am I another Christian...who knows?? But that's left to God to judge me and me to examine myself...that's it!!!
    anywz,I like ur thought. You remind me of a friend...

    may God bless you


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