December 06, 2008


The next moment stunned them. Scales of darkness began falling apart as bright sun rays shone into their eyes. They slowly opened their eyelids and to their wonder, they could see! Jesus had healed those two blind men! They looked around in awe and wondered at God’s creation. Their excitement knew no bounds!

“Amazing!” a rich man exclaimed, “Who could give a blind man his sight back save God? Maybe the Jesus they were talking about is God…”

“Those lucky guys! They are my best buddies. They first came and told me what Jesus did to them. Wow, they can actually see! I’ve been here with them for ages but I’ve never seen them so happy. It’s not that temporary-kind happiness. But it’s special! They have really experienced something beautiful. Take me to Jesus, I too want this happiness!” a beggar exclaimed.

“Yeah, those two men…they would sit over there in that ally. Man they had some miserable lives! But now…I just don’t know what’s happened to them. They can see! They said that Jesus gave them their sight back. Could this Jesus really be the Messiah?” a street vendor remarked.

“No charges, absolutely free! Can you imagine? Jesus just gave them an invaluable gift,” a child excitedly said. “Wow! Jesus is the best!”

These two men really didn’t know how great and awesome that man was who healed them. They were just two ordinary blind beggars who begged their days for a living. All they knew was that this man had given them a new life, a new hope to carry on. No more had they to live in dirty streets begging for money. Jesus changed their lives and they deeply desired to share this good news with everyone. And that’s what they did! Hundreds of people came to know about Christ through them. Many were touched by their experience with Christ while many others greatly desired to meet this Christ. These two men didn’t have any great knowledge about Christ. But those few minutes they spent with Christ compelled them to go around telling others about their great Savior; from their best buddies to the street vendors, to women and children, and to the rich of the society.

Why do you love Christ so much today? What is that special thing you’ve experienced in Christ that always fills your heart with joy, that makes you fall down on your knees and worship him? Witnessing for Christ could be just telling others about that great thing Christ has done for you. It really doesn’t need to be fancied with attractive words of knowledge about Picture1God. But it can be something simple, something true, something that you really experienced in Christ that you’d love to tell others. That’s what those two men did. It didn’t matter to them how simple and frail their good news was, they just wanted to be witnesses for Christ. Would you share that special thing about Christ with someone today?

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