May 08, 2009


Just a cry, that’s all he needs! But is it that easy for God?

“I saved you from all your enemies. I did so many things for you. And yet, you forsook me and served other gods. Why don’t you go and cry to them for help? I’m not going to save you. Let them save you in your distress!” God protests against the children of Israel (Judg. 10:11-14). It wasn’t adamancy that dominated his tone, but his heart-brokenness. He did so much for them and in return they mocked him and rejected him. Why should he waste his time over people who weren’t ready to obey him? Why?

I wonder how many times God would have protested against me because of how wretched a sinner I am. It makes me think that every time I keep on doing the same sins over and over again, God is hurt, heart-broken and disowned. And more gravely it would have made God think why he ever did choose me to be his son? Why? I disowned him and served other gods – my sins. Why should he ever take pleasure in being my God?

God isn’t an emotionless God. When I think of those times I sinned, I made my God look as a forgiveness-machine. But it’s so easy to forget that he too has us-like emotions. We see him weeping at Lazarus’s grave and crying bitterly in the garden of Gethsemane. And then on the cross he broke his heart out and cried! Why? Just for me!

He just didn’t cry for us and for our sins. I believe in those tears were hidden emotions just like us. Just like how we would express our hearts out to God in prayer or to our closest friends with all our emotions, he would have constantly cried to his Father. In those times when he went out into the desert alone to pray, it wouldn’t have been just prayer for strength and guidance; but a time to express his emotions to his Father. He got adamant, heart-broken, disowned, hurt when he saw his children sin. I think of God crying, complaining and expressing his hurt because of the many times, in spite of correction and love, I went back to my former sins and nailed him back to the cross with those sins of mine. And what more heart-breaking would it be to undergo that painful suffering again. In those tears that he cries for me everyday are hidden solemn emotions which I faintly can comprehend in my human wisdom.

“And his soul was grieved for the misery of Israel” (Judg. 10:16). There is something so special about this grief that baffles me whenever I think over it. It something beyond human understanding and perception of how great a God we have. Simply put, just like a father would grieve if his child did wrong, the same way God grieves when we sin. He grieves with his soul – an outpour of emotions. Why? Just for me!

Just a cry, that’s all he needs to rush to our rescue. Yes it’s true. But it comes with a price – the tears of God.

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