April 24, 2009

Just a cry, that’s all he needs


In and through the book of Judges we see the children of Israel sinning against God. God proved to them that he was a righteous God and wouldn’t tolerate sin. Neither would he behave partially in punishing them and punished their sin justly.

But even through all this, God was still a loving God. He loved them from the depth of his heart. He just couldn’t see them going after other gods and serving them. The minute he heard them calling out for his help, he ran to their rescue by sending prophets, judges and deliverers. He fought for them their battles with what great might and zeal and destroyed their enemies completely.

All he needed was just a cry that came out of a sincere and helpless heart; a heart that had lost sight of the road in the way, a heart that betrayed his God and ran after other gods, a heart so weak and dirty that kept falling into evil. And it was this cry that meant so much to God. It meant that his children had accepted their faults and wanted his help and forgiveness. It was just a true and sincere cry that broke the heart of God Jehovah that made a God so great and powerful, run to the rescue of wretched sinners. Just a cry, that’s all he needs.

Petra puts it beautiful in the song, Just Reach Out

Just reach out and He'll reach in
Take your broken heart and make it whole again
It don't matter who you are or where you've been
Just reach out, and He'll reach in

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