December 08, 2007

A hectic mixed day

Today was a very mixed day for me. All the possible things that shouldn't have happened happened. It was in the college, my friends and i was sitting in the library preparing my journal for practicals.

The day before I got hold of my mp3 player which was with my sister, when she came home for holidays. So I loaded it with plenty of new songs and was eager to listen to it.

So in the library I thought instead of just wasting time by just writing the journal, I'll listen to the player too along. It was against the library rule to use any gadget from our side in the college. I didn't care and didn't bother because the 'bad' supervisor wasn't there around.
After sometime that fellow turned up and saw me with the mp3 player and confiscated it along with my identity card. I was so shaken and scared at the first place. He wouldn't return it though I begged him a lot. Well as though that scare wasn't enough, he added to the whole incident a fine of Rs.200\- That really bugged me. I wasn't such kind of a person who could escape easily with such fines. Forget telling it to my parents, they would 'kill' me before giving me the cash. Begging to my friends wasn't my cup of tea. Pleading and putting a sad sorry face before people isn't what I am famous for, you would know that better. Well my friends insisted me to stay there longer and keep bugging him, who knows if he could change his mind. But that fellow wasn't in any mood of changing his mind but frightened me further by telling me that he would take me to the principal and increase the fine.

By now it had become time for practicals and that fellow insisted that I go and do my work and come back with the money. About the money, I am almost broke always and do carry money enough for travel and pocket money is something I never get unless if I do some savings here and there. Now by this time that fellow had gone out for some work. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I went and asked the peon to hand it over. He was willing to but the supervisor turned out to be more clever. He locked the draw and went. Then we went searching for him franticly but couldn't find him. But when he came back, I wasn't alone. I bombarded him with the suggestions of my friends who accompanied me to help me out. Finally he put on a very "I'm doing a favor to you" kind of a face and handed it over to me. When he realized that I was broke, he lost hopes of getting money for his evening snack. I think so that is why he handed it over to me.

In class, it became a public talk among my friends. Everyone I met asked me about hat happened. It was kind of embarrassing. Though all that mix up and tension was enough, my friends started bugging me in the class. They started scribbling on my rough book, though it wasn't one sided. After sometime, someone came up with a brilliant idea of throwing water on me. While writing the journal they made sure that they pour some water on my T-shirt. I was helpless without water. My friend reminded of his past incidents of how we poured water on him in school, joined in the cheer team. It was a wet day in class, though they landed with all the possible types of scribbles on their book which was my only hope of offense.

It was indeed a good ending to a bad experience. I enjoyed the day a lot.


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