December 05, 2007

The value of life

How frail is a human being. How easily does he fall ill and succumb to diseases, fall prey to accidents and mishaps. Life could begin for some today and end today itself. While some people who have so many ambitions and aims in life find themselves unfortunate to die very early, leaving behind wealth and possessions for which they have labored sweat and bread for it.

The other people who are unfortunate to have been born with some kind of an illness or disease or deformation of body, find themselves ruined in life, stuck in a bed or a wheel chair for life. Its very sad to think about the things they miss in life and how unfortunate they are that they cannot live a normal life like many of us.

Recently while I was traveling by train back home from classes, I saw a boy walking on the platform waiting for a train. From far he looked like a normal fellow. But as my train approached closer, I took a closer look at him because there was something different in him. When I saw him, I was completely taken surprised. His face was just mere skeleton. The whole face was burnt and he was left with just a little flesh on his face. He looked so gross.
That time I thanked God for what I am and his grace upon me and for keeping me safe thus far.

Another incident that really grossed me out. The other day my mother had gone down for a walk and she saw a huge crowd gathered at a close by junction. It was a man who had been run over a truck. If that wasn't bad, let me tell you more. That man had been run over by a truck on his head. His head disintegrated into small pieces and his brain squeezed out all over the place. After a while, people couldn't even find traces of his head and blood kept oozing out of his body. People scrambled around and gathered mud to put on his body to stop the bleeding. Then they covered his body and waited for the responsible(police, ambulance) to take over.

The next day we came to know that that man who died was a colleague of my friend's father. That man had a good day at work that day. That evening he was traveling to the school to pick up his two daughters. But who knew that was the last day in his life...

When I look back I just got to say that I am thankful to God for what I am, how he has preserved me thus far. Every step that I take is according to his will and all planned in his sovereign will. The good health that he has given me, for keeping me from harm and illness is all just by his grace and his mercy upon me.

Life is so small and unpredictable, who knows what can happen tomorrow or the very next moment.
Give thanks to God for what he is to you, thats all that we can do and lets live for Christ.


  1. Your picture is different than the last one. Hmmmmm?

    We presently sit with Jesus in heavenly places. When life is through, then he reaches through that thin veil of humanity that hides His reality and pulls us through to Great , Overwhelming Joy into His presence.

  2. I changed the earlier one because it was a bit too big on the blog


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