January 14, 2011

A Companion’s Ministry

When we think about Paul’s ministry, the names of those many people who accompanied him in his journeys comes often to our mind. And to think of the fact of taking a journey with a great servant of God does in itself bring all those Goosebumps running over your skin. Imagine the thrill and excitement, the people from different cultures you get to meet, the soldiers, the priests, the kings and all those other in power you get to meet, the various churches across the world you get to have fellowship with, the sacrifices to make, the persecutions you would have to face, the blessings to enjoy, the teachings to learn, and best of all to have someone as great as Paul to be your mentor, guide and partner in ministry.

At the same time, think of Paul who couldn’t have done his ministry without his companions.

Acts 18:5 - And when Silas and Timotheus were come from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the spirit, and testified to the Jews that Jesus was Christ.

Think of the impact that the fellowship of Silas and Timotheus had on Paul. They came with tidings from Thessalonica about how the disciples of Christ fared after the persecution they faced by the Jews out there. They would have shared stories about the trials they had gone through and how God had been their help and support. Paul would’ve inquired about Jason whose house was assaulted by the Jews. Undoubtedly, Paul’s heart and soul would’ve been living each moment as they shared those stories and experiences.

Now think about the impact of their fellowship on Paul. “Paul was pressed in his spirit…” His heart became so burdened for the unbelieving Jews that he was pressed in his heart to testify to them that Jesus was Christ. What a ministry Silas and Timotheus had!

Who are the Pauls in our lives that we can minister to? Think about the ministry we do and how valuable our ministry can be to another person’s life. What is our response?

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  1. I like the title of this post. Very meaningful.. It is often the achievement of the collective that matters. All to often we are bogged down by assessing the weight of our individual contribution.


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