January 12, 2011

Facing Reality

Away from all the hopscotch and the rush of Mumbai, spending time with Sam Mathew uncle, George David uncle and others in Sawantwadi, Mhow and other places in Madhya Pradesh was really a refreshing and a pleasant one. Away from all the crowd, vehicles, media, peer, turmoil and responsibilities, a much needed break was underway.

In a some remote village surrounded by nature and simple people who really aren’t much concerned about all these pleasures of this world, all I did was to spend time getting life’s distorted puzzles together and getting perspectives aligned with God. Further being in the company of God’s people whose life in itself is an inspiration and challenge for me, practical examples were being laid down before me as I thought over life’s many purposes.

As the train roared passed those crowded stations of Mumbai, I was taking my journey back to where I belong. While the passion and enthusiasm was still burning within me, there came Mr. Satan knocking at my heart’s door with a truck load of world’s pleasures I wanted to leave behind saying. “Face it or not, this is reality!”  It didn’t take long for me to realize the rush of emotions that Satan was bringing in. Bombarded with hundreds of hoardings and banners, the crowd, the colourful people, their pitiful living conditions, the monotony of living, the competition, the poverty, the violence, the sex abuse, the political big dogs, the purposelessness of life here, the anxiety, the wretchedness…I was left stumped and silenced! This indeed is reality and I had to face it. I couldn’t blind my eyes to all this evil and wretchedness. I was humbled to my knees before God in heartfelt spiritual cries and mourning!

It still doesn’t seem to make sense to live life in this way that the world offers. The choices this world offers is so not what God would want me to follow after. Thinking about his ministry, the passion of his children to serve him, the working of Christ in the lives of many, the teachings that I learnt through those days away are all far too valuable to comprise with the things of this world. And yet being in this world and not of the world, I am daily being pressed hard by Satan’s evil forces. One thing that you could pray for is that I do not fall into the hands of the evil one.

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  1. hey abey.k......in facing the reality of the world and its deception........ we've got to put on the whole armour of God to withstand in the evil day ,having done all to stand...Eph:610-19
    .........keep writing..........


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