July 27, 2007

Agrawal Classes.....my 'XIIth' tension

A much hyped classes known generally for generating toppers...that's the thought every Agrawalite steps in the classes with. "One day, my name will be engraved along with the toppers in Agrawals"...these are the kind of thoughts everyone gets when they step into the classes for the first time. Nut faint they know that the aspiring thoughts will last for only a few weeks or say a few lectures till they realize ..."Am I really in the right place or am I stupid?" You start dividing your batch based upon their IQ level...than as friends. You start realizing that you are not smart enough to be with the brains neither can put in hard work i.e. studying for 5 - 6 hours!!!

So you mix around with both the groups hoping you will get the qualities of both.

Them comes the judging of the professors. As people normally say...you tend to develop a liking for those who are able to impress you the first time you meet them. Some turn out to be very good who can take you to another level of understanding along with fun and excitement. But there are others who really put you down or with whom you can't get along with; either they are too boring or you are too sleepy(remember we have to get up at 5:30am).

'9 : 50am'.....

"tring tring......' '........beep beep......'

"Come on leave us yaar...!!!....we have to eat!!!!"

.....the alarms start ringing.....restlessness mounts although there are still 10 minutes remaining of the break. During the break if you happened to go down to breathe in fresh air....you will find that the whole footpath is crowded with the hungry, vicious, nerdy animals....oops!!!...Agrawalites. The other day a passer by asked me whether there was a program or a party going on or what??...Can't he see that we are the aspiring loyal nerdy - yet hardworking hungry students of Agrawal Classes??

Tests are a once in a month affair and they never bother you except on the report card that is sent home.that's when the restrictions start. Well the tests are kind-a tuff with no optional questions. The worst part is that you have to give a test for around 7 to 8 chapters together and not just on subject but two!!!

You will rarely find people getting marks between 65% to 80%. It will either be more or less.well I fall in the latter!

That's Agrawal classes in short. An experience you will never forget and will always be profitable.


  1. mebbe i shud send puru an invite to read dis! well...puru u kno... Prof S.P to you.

  2. yea he'll readily read it and torture you for harassing him!!!
    Well you cant invite him till I do so
    Do you want me to???? remember the consequences


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