July 14, 2007

Praying in Hindi!!!

How would it feel when someone comes and tells you to pray in Hindi....when you are person who barely can pronounce Hindi the way it is supposed to be pronounced (you know that the best!!!!) .....or if you the kind of guy who always talks in English and always finds the opportunity to escape from someone who knows only Hindi......

It was Friday evening Prayer meeting in the church. We had a new person who joined us recently for the prayer meeting. Well he knew only Hindi and could understand only Hindi. My friend and I were sitting together with him. We never ever before prayed in Hindi. What should we do? We were in a big fix. We couldn't allow him to go and sit with others because well they didn't know him well and also he was knew in the church. We couldn't just abandon him. Took out a moment and then we decided to pray in Hindi.

Imagine being asked to talk in French when you just know only the ABC's of French. That was the same way we were feeling. My friend decided to open by taking the challenge and praying in Hindi. He prayed well though he prayed only about half the time he would normally pray. By that time my another friend came and he could pray in Hindi. I heaved a sigh of relief thinking that he would take him aside and pray with him separately. But no!!!! that didn't happen. He took his turn and continued the prayer time. All during his prayer I was preparing for my prayer...The big-big Hindi phrases that I never used even in my Hindi essays in school. Well it was my turn after him. I shrugged with a sense of doubt in myself and started my prayer...with long gaps in the middle I somehow managed to pray for at least one-fourth the time I normally pray. Though the Hindi was horrible....it was an experience never to be forgotten.

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