July 09, 2007

What you wear?

It was a Friday prayer meeting...I like usual came 5 - 10 minutes late...

I saw one of my friends standing out waiting for his mom...He had gone out and had come directly to church...well he wasn't dressed well for the church.

I asked him why was he waiting out. He told me that he had to change. Well it sounded a bit weird because he didn't have to actually change. He was coming from out and though it was late he still decided to come. No one would say anything to him if he had worn what he was in at that time. Also he had a quite good excuse. But he didn't do so. He changed his attire and then came to church.

But if it was me in that place, I would have come in with all those excuses and made myself sound quite reasonable.

This incident really made me to look back and see where am I standing. How do I dress and come to church. For other places I can wear whatever I feel. But when I come in the presence of the Almighty God do I dress like that man who came to the wedding feast without a wedding dress? The punishment for that man was severe.

God wouldn't punish me at this time...yeah he is a gracious God...merciful and compassionate God...and anyway why is God so worried about my attire...It should be my heart that matters...na??? .....these are the excuses that everyone can make and personally I would've made.

We are living in times that give us freedom in everything. But can we misuse these freedoms in Church...???

God expects me to be a testimony to this world. What I wear is what the world knows me by. The decency I have in my attire is what separates me from this world...though my behavior and testimony play the major role.

Let's us look into our life and see wear do we fail in this areas. I was touched by this small incident, maybe you would too be....


  1. ya ... I coudn't find a better example to start with...
    Hope you give me more ideas


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