July 12, 2007

"Why don't things happen the way you think that they should go?"

Why don't things happen the way you think that they should go? The other day I really had to take out time and answer this question. What is the purpose of all the things, the time I spend on perfecting it? All the hard work put into it just goes in waste...the mind and the creativity behind a project is all shattered when someone rejects your idea.

I think that God too had to take out time and answer this very same question at least once and most appropriately when his creation disobeyed him. That was the time God had to ask himself "What is the purpose of me creating mankind if they do not worship nor honour me. Man! these people are rebellious and if left on their own will surely never obey me. Didn't I have a wonderful plan for them? But they've have made their own plans. Ain't I the one who is all knowing, but they now think that they have become like me. Didn't I provide them with everything they wanted? Weren't they all sufficient? yet they coveted for that forbidden fruit! Did I make a mistake in making them??" I'm sure that God would have really questioned himself (though it is completely in man's perspective and contrary to God's character).

Why do people die or leave you when you think you are very close to them? Plans in life to get into this college, graduate in this field from a well known college, get into this job in this company, get married to this person and yeah all the other things that hurriedly follow.Well all these things do come into your mind but the moment you don't surrender your plans to the hand of God, its hard to say but you make God ask himself that very same question again!!

That’s where I fail and do fail many a times still. The day I go out on my own abilities that day I'm sure to fall.

The reason for this is as simple that you are interfering with what God has in store for you

It applies even for the things you do for God.The time and effort you spend behind it would all go in waste if it is not in the will of God.

I had to learn this the hard way and still do learn when I try to be the 'omnipotent one'. We had the monthly youth meeting started for the first time. My friend and I prepared a couple of new songs and practised well for it. Well since the program for the youth meeting was assigned to me, I took the whole responsibility of the meeting on myself and took pride in it too somewhere deep inside. But when the youth meeting started, it was like no one was even interested in singing those songs (though everyone looked forward to the games and the food more). Further incidents during the meet really tested my ego and my emotions. For the next few days, I was continually troubled with the thoughts. "Where did it all go wrong? Why wouldn't they cooperate? Why wouldn't they understand the hard work and efforts put behind preparing it? Why? Why??" But I never thought "Ha, I was the wrong man out there. I'm the one who is at fault. I was the one who insisted that the meeting should go the way I wanted it to go. I was the one who was becoming too selfish and not allowing God to work!" But praise God. After a couple of days God brought to light my faults and corrected me to the right way. had I allowed God to work & not my ego....well that day would have been a much more profitable than it was.

These times do come in our lives when we do not allow God to work through us and that’s when the problems start and all those self-questions. At these times we emotionally confront with our inner-self as a reflection on a mirror and begin to question ourselves..."Why don't things happen the way you think that they should go?"

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