July 12, 2007

Revisiting seven/eleven

One year has past and yet those horrible sounds keep echoing in your minds. The bloody pictures of those people who fell a prey to those antisocial elements in our society, still are vibrant.Bodies after bodies just scattered apart on those tracks where 181 people met their earthly destiny.Chaos all around as the rest 1000 people watched knowing that they could have been one of them. Scars left behind in their mind never to be erased or healed till they meet the same destiny.

Just seconds after the plot succeeded hundreds of people were out there on those tracks placing those bricks back on the wall. through the smallest of the gaps they pulled out people who failed to open their eyes ever again.Soon help poured out from all the areas as though those people were your own blood. Unity undefined and yet so great kept alive the hopes of those who survived the blast.

Before the police and the ambulance, it was the media who got out there to that horrible site.'First Pictures' of those bloody scenes flashed across the screens of millions of people of which some watched their hopes die as time passed by. Investigations began as the blame-game slowly arose out there in the political chambers. Hospitals got crowded as thousands of people gathered to relive their lost hopes. Hundreds joined hands as they rushed to the hospitals to donate life to the dying. Hundreds of doctors worked overtime as patients kept pouring in. And it was evening and the day closed with a shimmering light yet burning in the hearts of the relatives of those 181 people.

A force greater than the force that ripped apart that train from its very strength brought together the city of Mumbai barred neither by religion nor creed nor caste nor sex. That night behind the scenes hundreds of people worked together to see that the city is back running on those very tracks very it once fell. Lets take out a minute to just salute all those who left their comforts and leisure to help those ailing and helpless victims of the seven/eleven blasts.

Though the city runs today, and the world keeps spinning again, hundreds of people are still out there who will never be able to live a normal life ever again. As you revisit every moment of that gruesome day, I'm sure that a chill will run down your spine.


  1. hey abz....damn well written bro! u put me to shame with such thoughts! :p . insightful indeed... cheers ma man... all da best n keep it up!

  2. no man inspired by you only....give me a topic...I'm run out of ideas


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